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How to Apply Perfume to Last Longer

How to Apply Perfume to Last Longer
How many times have you been excited to wear a beautiful, new perfume and had it fade away within 2 hours of applying it?! It's annoying because we wear perfume to enjoy it as long as possible and don't want to worry about it fading when we're out.



While everyone's skin type is different, and perfumes may set better and longer on some people or materials, perfume application significantly makes it last longer.

Here are ten tips on applying perfume correctly to last


Start with a warm shower or bath

When your pores are open, and your skin is warm, it will absorb perfume better. Taking a hot shower or bath will do just that. Ensure you dry your skin before applying (especially the pulse points), or it won't stick!


Apply moisturiser first

Perfume on dry skin evaporates quickly, so make sure your skin is hydrated and moisturised before applying so it can seal into your skin. Using unscented body lotion or Vaseline will do the trick.


Perfume before clothing

Now you're ready to start spraying your perfume! But do it before you put your clothes on. It ensures you can reach all your pulse points (we'll explain what exactly those are in just a second) and avoids any possible staining on your clothes.


Applying perfume on pulse points

Your pulse points are the best spots to apply perfume; what is a pulse point? It's any point on your body you feel a pulse, such as your wrists, under jaw, temples etc. Your veins are closest to the skin's surface at your pulse points, making them the warmest and moistest points on your body.



How you and others experience your perfume depends on where you apply it.

If you want to be the one enjoying your scent, apply it to pulse points closer to your nose, like your neck, chin or collarbones. Putting it on your wrists and inner elbows means you can also sniff it throughout the day.

If you want to smell good for your partner, apply it to your chest, around your ears, shoulder blades, or anywhere you want to draw a little attention.

If you want to leave a 'sillage' (a scent trail) for those around you- apply it to the back of your neck and behind your knees.


Don't rub!

I don't know why this is a thing. We instinctively rub our wrists after applying perfume, DON'T! It does the opposite of what we want- rubbing ruins the notes in the scent and disturbs the way it should evaporate. That means it won't last well. Spraying it on your pulse points and waiting until it's dry will make your perfume last longer.


Don't over-spray

Now, here's the problem, you could be doing everything correctly but still irritating your co-workers (or anyone who exists a foot away from you).

Our brain tends to filter out scents when we're overexposed to them. That's why sometimes it can seem like your perfume has faded- when it's just you who can't smell it anymore. Don't make that mistake! Only be tempted to apply more if you're confident you need refreshing.

Generally, one spritz on your desired pulse points is enough. If you want to avoid taking any chances, switch your scent to a new one. Your nose won't mute it since you won't be used to it. We'll get more into detail about that ahead, though.

Consider the concentration of your perfume, too. You'd need more of a less concentrated Eau de Toilette than a highly concentrated Extrait de Parfum.


Spritz it, don't mist it!

We've all felt fabulous and misted perfume into the air. We've walked through that cloud of delicious aroma, expecting it to dust our body perfectly and evenly, but how efficient is that technique? You end up with most of the perfume particles evaporated in the air or landing on the floor. The perfume that does land on you won't remain as it will be on spots that don't hold fragrance very well. You're better off directly spritzing your skin or clothing (read on before spraying on your new silk shirt, though!).


Hair spritz

It's best to be careful when applying perfume on hair as most perfumes contain alcohol that can dry and dehydrate it. However, your hair can hold a scent longer than skin as it's porous. Perfume oils or water-based perfumes are the better options for your hair, but if you want to do it with your regular perfume, spray it onto a brush and comb it in.


Applying perfume on clothes

Perfume lasts longer on fabric than on skin, so spraying some on your clothes or scarf is a good idea. But be aware - darker and more concentrated perfumes can stain your clothes. Test on a small patch first.

It's better to spray on natural fabrics than synthetics. There's no chemistry, and your perfume will smell how it does in the bottle (synthetic materials can alter it’s smell).

Furthermore, every perfume will smell different on your skin compared to clothing. That's because we all have unique natural body odours (depending on our lifestyle, eating habits, skin type etc.). Applying perfume directly on the skin creates an individual scent as it will have mingled with your body odour. That's why you could love a perfume on one person and hate it on another. It’s all about the chemistry!


Change your perfume often

No, we're not just saying it to rack up our sales; there's actual science behind it! The same reason we sometimes feel the need to over-spray. When your brain gets used to any sense, it starts to block it, so we're not overstimulated by it.

So when you smell the same scent repeatedly, you stop smelling it! It's like when you go to a friend's house and smell a distinct odour, but they are unaware of it entirely. It works the same way with your perfume: you're used to it, but it could nauseate the people around you who aren't used to it the way you are.

That's why it's good to change up your scent. YOU will be able to enjoy your fragrance (and know with certainty when you need a respray!).

_ _ _

Applying all these tips will help your perfume last to its maximum ability. However, even the best perfumes can last only part of the day. Fresher perfumes with green or citrusy notes usually remain for only about 4-6 hours. It's always a good idea to carry your perfume (5 ml bottles are your real best friend) to reapply whenever and wherever you need to freshen up.

If you have any tips to make your perfume last longer, be sure to share them with us @Arosmic